How to remove duplicate posts from your WordPress blog?

Deleting WordPress Duplicate posts is a mess sometimes but today we are here to discuss a very easy tutorial to do this.

It is one of the most prominent issues while dealing with auto blog feature and RSS feeds.

It also occurs when you export or import maximum things from your WordPress blog on a frequent basis.

There are many WordPress plugin available now to delete WordPress duplicate posts from the WordPress blog’s database and there are other methods too.

But the thing is that most of them are not free so for this purpose, it is essential to know how to delete the duplicate posts from WordPress.

We will be sharing two methods for dealing with the duplicate page word.

Follow those mentioned steps accordingly.


Method # 1

It is an indirect method which is not using the plugin method for deleting the WordPress duplicate posts.

It deletes the data by applying the appropriate query on the database and then it is completely erased from there.

In this method, there is no recovery option for the deleted data, before using this method make sure that you have to make the suitable backup.


Step#1 – Opening myPhpadmin account

Firstly you would have to Login to your hosting Control Panel option and click on the myPhpadmin icon.

Step#2 – Access to the main screen

After clicking on the myPhpadmin option, you will see a screen like below as shown in the picture.


Step#3 – Open MySQL database account      

Now by moving further on selects your WordPress blog’s MySQL database account. There you will see a list of different tables within that database only.
Now Click on SQL so that it can be located at the next tab of the database structure. After clicking on the SQL, you will see a related image as shown in below.


Step #4 – Enter the appropriate SQL command

Copy and paste below-given SQL command and click on Go button.

DELETE bad_rows.*
from wp_posts as bad_rows
inner join (
select post_title, MIN(id) as min_id
from wp_posts
group by post_title
having count(*) > 1
) as good_rows on good_rows.post_title = bad_rows.post_title
and good_rows.min_id <>


Now you would have to just wait for about 2 minutes and WordPress gets all the posts which are duplicate and they will be removed magically.

A Point to remember:

You need to log into your MySQL database account which is usually the same PHPMyAdmin and a specific kind of script is being run over there. This same script has benefited several people encountering the same problem of WordPress duplicate posts.

Method # 2

It is a method which uses the WordPress plugin and it really helps in searching and removing the WordPress duplicate posts and their most of the Metadata respectively.

You can also change the settings frequently for so many times and if the plugin should run automatically every hour or not.

The plugin deletes not only the post but also the post Metadata and other references to the post which helps in cleaning up the extra space in your WordPress website.

If you don’t want this lengthy process and want something handy for your WordPress duplicate posts then this method is for you which involve the automatic plugin system.

It runs in the background with ease and automatically deletes all of your duplicate posts instantly.

You can also it manually if you are not comfortable with the automatic idea.

Step#1 – downloading of .zip file

Download the .zip file from your Downloads folder.

Step #2 – Extracting the files

Then, do extract the whole .zip-file which are containing the folder “delete-duplicate-posts”

Step# 3 – Upload it onto your blog

Then Upload it to your wp-content/plugin/ folder on your WordPress blog. Do check it after uploading properly.

Step # 4 – Activate the plugin

Log in to your WordPress blog, go to the plugin page and look for “Delete Duplicate Posts” and activate the plugin accordingly. It will some little time for activation.

Step # 5 – Plugin can use now

You can now access the plugin in your Tool menu under the “Delete Duplicate Posts” option for deleting the WordPress duplicate posts. Plugin is easy and simple to use.


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