Points To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Best Responsive WordPress Themes

Many beginners get too excited when it comes to selecting a best responsive WordPress theme for their website.  The internet is full of thousands of paid and free options. Each theme looks better than the other and there is where many beginners get confused. So the question is how to choose the best theme for WordPress?

In this article, we will share some tips to keep in mind while purchasing best responsive WordPress themes.

Why You Need To Be Careful When Selecting A WordPress Theme?

WordPress is the most popular platform for creating websites. It is one of the easiest as well and is used for creating all sorts of websites. That’s why each theme caters a different market.

The main thing to understand is that your WordPress theme should complement the content on your website. For example, if your blog is about social issues or politics then your theme should improve readability.

Many WordPress themes are accompanied with loads of customization options. But if the theme is not coded properly, then these options can make quite difficult for you to change the theme or use any other WordPress plugins. In such a situation you might need the help of a developer and have to pay for it.


Additionally, some WordPress themes that look great aren’t that great and can really make your website slow. No one likes slow websites, particularly Google as it likes to rank faster websites higher.

So basically your WordPress theme is your websites face and its plays a vital role in how the search engines and users perceive it. So here are some points that you must keep in mind when selecting a best responsive WordPress themes.

Go For Simplicity

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

~Leonardo Da Vinci

Many WordPress themes come with a lot of complex layouts, flashy animations etc. Well, the thing is you might need them, but in most case, you may not really need them.

The main thing you need to look for is a theme that has a great design which helps support your main goal. All you need to focus on is that it needs to look appealing without compromising on the simplicity and usability. Make sure that the design of the theme is not over and the purpose is served well by helping the users find their required information properly.

Being Responsive Is Very Important Now

Best responsive WordPress themes adjust the layout of a website on different devices and screen sizes. According to recent research, a great number of website traffic now comes from other handheld devices. Depending on what kind of website topic you have, this number could go even higher than 50% of your traffic.

responsive design

Ref Article : Top 5 Best Responsive WordPress Themes By Nexstair Technologies

Google says mobile friendly websites are always on top in their mobile search results. Regardless of your websites demographics and topics all websites need to be responsive and need to be fully mobile friendly.

Test A Theme For Mobile Readiness

To see whether the theme is responsive or not you need to resize it according to your browser screen. As you will change the screen size you will notice, that the layout will adjust itself to the screen width. To test your theme copy the URL of your theme’s demo page and paste it in Google’s mobile-friendly test page. Please bear in mind that this test will show some warnings, regardless how good a theme is.

Browser Compatibility

Your users will use all sorts of browsers. Your theme may look great on the browser you use, but there might be something broken in other browsers. This is where browser compatibility comes in. Most WordPress theme developer’s continuously checking their themes on different browser compatibility tools and mention it on their website as well. But if they don’t then before making a purchase you can check browser compatibility on different browsers like Google Chrome, Safari ,Opera and Firefox etc.



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